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双语阅读 中国新年 Chinese New Year

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The Chinese New Year (also known as Lunar New Year and Spring Festival) always starts sometime between January 21st and February 20th based on the phases of the moon. This yearChinese New Year is early, on January 22nd.


Almost all of the fun facts about Chinese New Year center around luck, superstition, the color red, and of course, food!


Chinese New Year


1Whats in a name? 关于名字

Chinese New Year also goes by a few other names. One is Lunar New Year, mainly called this in Korea, Vietnam, the Philippines and Malaysia, because they celebrate this festival as well.


It’s also known as Spring Festival. This name represents the end of the coldest days and the hope that spring is just around the corner.

另外一个名字是春节, 象征着寒冬收尾和春天将至的希望。

2 Year of the rabbit 兔年

The rabbit is considered quick-witted, fortunate and lovingso the year of the rabbit offer the world a year of peace and success and will bring strengthened bonds with loved ones and expanded relationships with family and friends. People born under the rabbit sign are witty, tenacious, and quick-minded.


3 A long-time partying. 一段长期聚会

Chinese New Year lasts 16 days. The festivities begin on Chinese New Year’s Eve and finish at the Lantern Festival.It’s the longest holiday on the Chinese Lunar calendar.


4 Family reunion 家人团聚

One of the best Chinese New Year traditions is the reunion dinner. This gathering is all about reuniting with family and sharing your mutual love and respect for one another, while feasting on delicious food.


5 Dance of the dragon 舞龙

The dragon is one of the most powerful Chinese symbols for good luck, power, wisdom and dignity. It should come as no surprise that dragon dances are often performed during the Chinese New Year.

Dragon puppets can range in size from 2 meters (10 ft) to a spectacular 70 meters (230 ft)!


6Paint the world red 红色的世界

As you probably know, the luckiest color in Chinese culture is red. During Chinese New Year you’ll see the color everywhere.

Decorations range from the extravagant paper lanterns to the hopeful poetic messages known as couplets hanging outside people’s front doors. And of course, the red envelopes.


7The joy of the red envelope 红包之乐

Children love Chinese New Year and it’s more than the lantern riddles, lion dancing and delicious rice cakes… it’s about the money! Chinese New Year tradition involves gifting children red envelopes with cash to wish them good luck and ensure they have a prosperous future.


8 The delicious food 美食

The most famous and popular food for Chinese New Year is nothing but dumplings. Do you know that there’s a Chinese superstition that the more dumplings you can eat, the more money you’ll make in the new year?


And there are some of the other most common foods to eat during Chinese New Year. Fish, due to the word in Chinese sounding similar to “surplus”. Tangerines for good luck and fortune. And sweet rice balls that represent reunion and being together.


9Scaring away an evil monster 吓跑年兽

In Chinese mythology, a lion-like spirit named Nian would arrive on the New Year and destroy entire villages. To scare Nian away, the villagers set dry bamboo on fire so that it popped and crackled. Now the Chinese New Year celebrations aren’t complete without the explosions of firecrackers and fireworks!


10Chinese New Year around the world 世界各地的中国新年

Outside of China, there are over 60 million people of Chinese descent living in every corner of the globe. Some of the largest Chinese New Year celebrations outside of China are in cities with huge Chinese populations like, New York and San Francisco, USA, Vancouver, Canada and Sydney, Australia.


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