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面对即将来临的中考,你做好备考的准备了吗?今天,小编就为大家带来2020年中考英语备考练习题及答案(五) ,感兴趣的朋友可以看一下:



1.He lost all feelings(感觉) in his arms.

2.He never gives up no matter how many difficulties(困难) he has.

3.The teacher set high standards(标准) for his pupils.

4.Do you know who killed(杀死) her?

5.If there is no coal,oil(石油) can be used instead.



6.Her duties will include putting the children to bed.

7.Did you know the head teacher will present the prizes in person?

8.I'm sorry to say your answer is incorrect.Please try again.

9.The sun appeared and it was sunny.

10.They had an enjoyable and relaxing holiday in Sanya.



The experience of the Cross Country was really unforgettable.Those days will be __11__ (keep) in my memory forever.

Cross Country is a running race (about 5,000 meters).Before the __12__,I got very nervous.When 100 __13__(run) lined up at the starting line,I should have taken a deep __14__(breathe) and prepared to race.However,bad thoughts ran through my head:I've never run such a long race before.What __15__ I am not feeling well?What if...

The starting gun shot me back into the real world.I started running.I kept __16__(tell) myself that I could do this.Then I heard my coach cheer for me.I tried my __17__.When I passed the finish line,I was too tired to stand.All I __18__(can) do was breathing.Later,I felt my leg get really sore,but I thought it wasn't a big deal.However,the sores later turned into pain.A doctor said I can no __19__ practice in the future.I feel so sad.

The race has ended,but I still miss it.Yet I also have learnt that we should __20__ push ourselves too hard.Sometimes it gives us the opposite results.

11.kept 12.race 13.runners 14.breath

15.if 16.telling 17.best 18.could

19.more/longer 20.never/not


Years ago,while I lived in England,part of my college task was to help the children with special needs.

I was chosen to __21__ in a school with disabled children.The teacher asked me to __22__ Nancy,a ten­year­old girl.One of __23__ hands could not move.At her school the teachers would think it was an achievement __24__ she was able to put on her own coat.But I saw more in her.She had always wanted to put a string __25__ the hole of a key.

For the 5 years Nancy was in the school,the teachers always __26__ to help her,but always ended up doing all the work for her.I knew Nancy could do __27__,so I encouraged her to do something herself.At first Nancy often failed and got very __28__.Sometimes I wanted to give up,too.__29__,after a week Nancy was able to do __30__ she had wanted to do alone for so many years.Her teachers cried __31__ when they saw the thing she was able to do with just some encouragement.

Disabled people should __32__ be told they can't do this or that.With just some encouragement they can do it.The look __33__ that girl's face when she was able to do it herself meant __34__ to me.I hope everyone will encourage people to do all they want by themselves __35__ telling them they can't do it.

Something is so small,but it can make a difference.

( C )21.A.read B.study  C.work D.visit

( A )22.A.look after B.look for

C.look at D.look over

( B )23.A.his B.her C.my D.your

( C )24.A.before B.though C.if D.until

( A )25.A.through B.across

C.over D.into

( D )26.A.failed B.refused C.agreed D.tried

( B )27.A.less B.more C.nothing D.anything

( D )28.A.excited B.pleased C.unsafe D.unhappy

( B )29.A.And B.However

C.But D.So

( C )30.A.which B.that C.what D.how

( D )31.A.in danger B.in fear

C.with care D.with joy

( A )32.A.never B.always

C.often D.sometimes

( C )33.A.of B.in C.on D.at

( B )34.A.the earth B.the sun

C.the moon D.the world

( A )35.A.instead of B.because of

C.together with D.more than


My first photo was taken at the age of 9.While I couldn't even remember the model of the camera,I do remember the enjoyment of looking through the photos.

When I was 16 years old,I bought a Canon camera before an overseas trip.Over the years I took many photos with it.There's Aunt Sarah,smiling in front of Buckingham Palace;Aunt Sarah,smiling under the Eiffel Tower;and Aunt Sarah,smiling in a Venetian Canal.Everyone knows what Aunt Sarah looks like.They also know what Europe's great landmarks(显著地面景观) look like.I didn't think about composition(构图) when taking the photos.

After the camera was stolen,I didn't buy one for a long time because I didn't want to buy a camera that I work difficulty until I found a Vivitar Series camera.It worked well in natural light,and I took a lot of photos with it.From then on,I had an artist's eye.My pictures were not of familiar Greek architectures.Instead,I took pictures of farmers at work in the field,fishermen repairing their nets.I captured(抓住) the color and character of the country.My friends were so interested that they asked for more.

Of course,I won the first prize easily in some photo competitions.My friends often told me that I moved from an amateur(业余爱好者) to an artist.

36.According to the passage,the writer's first camera was very __C__.

A.advanced B.high­type

C.simple D.ugly

37.The latest photos of the writers are mostly about __B__.

A.only the smiling persons

B.the character of the country

C.the familiar Greek architectures

D.lots of famous buildings

38.One can become an artist if he __C__.

A.takes a camera with him

B.knows the history of a place

C.is interested in not only the landmarks but also the people of a place

D.learns how to draw and paint pictures of a place

39.What's the best title of the passage?__A__

A.My first photo B.A lost camera

C.A photographer D.An artist



Here are some things you can do to help stop global warming(全球变暖).

40.Walk,cycle,take a subway or a bus.Ask your parents to use public transportation as much as possible instead of using cars too often.

41.Think before you throw away waste.Cut down on how much you throw in the waste.And be sure to take e­waste,like computers,mobile phones and harmful waste to a special recycling waste bin.

42.When it comes to your shopping habits,think of buying products that are better for the environment or that are made from recycled materials,and above all,have less or no packaging(包装).

43.It takes a lot of energy to heat water.Don't always heat the water when you do washing with the washing machine.Wash a full load of clothes in cold water.

44.Talk to your friends, family and school teachers.Teach them what you've learned and make your house and school as green as possible.Think of ways to educate others.Create fund­raisers(募捐活动) in your local community to make a change.

A.Don't throw away waste.

B.Avoid products with a lot of packaging.

C.Recycle more.

D.Use less hot water.

E.Drive less.

F.Spread the word.

40.__E__ 41.__C__ 42.__B__

43.__D__ 44.__F__








With global warming getting worse,more and more people choose to live a low carbon life for the purpose of reducing greenhouse gases.

We'd better reduce the amount of water,paper and electricity we use.We should also use less carbon and oil.It's important to turn off the lights and computers when we leave the room.We should take our own bags when we go shopping instead of using plastic bags from supermarkets.We can buy fewer clothes that are unnecessary.We shouldn't buy or use one­off cups,chopsticks or bowls.It's good for us to walk or ride bikes to school instead of taking cars.We can also plant more trees to freshen the air around us.

Let's take action and create a low­carbon society.

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