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Quiz for unit 5

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I. Spell the following words with the help of their definitions and first letters given. (10 points)
1. a_____n. ability to be obtained
2. c_____v. to carry out or direct
3. e_____adj. producing the desired result
4. s_____v. to comfort or claim; make sb. Less painful
5. u_____v. to make too low an estimate of (sb./sth)

参考答案:1. availability    2. conduct    3. effective     4. soothe    5. underestimate

II. Complete the following sentences with the words given below, change the form where necessary. (10 points)
            Current      hammer      accurate      imagine       heal
1. There is no need to check the _____ of his report.
2. Many people are_____ losing their moral code of life in order to be rich.
3. Can you _____ life without electricity and other modern convenience?
4. The cut soon _____up, but it left a scar.
5. I could hear him _____ in the house next door.

参考答案:1. accuracy    2. currently    3. imagine   4. healed    5. hammering

III. Fill in the following blanks with correct adverbs or prepositions. (10 points)
1. Please don’t be concerned _____my safety.
2. I’d planned _____doing some work this afternoon.
3. Please write to me. It would be nice to keep in touch _____you.
4. He searched through all the drawers _____ the missing papers.
5. They are deeply involved _____this criminal activity.


1. about. 请不要为我的安全担忧。Be concerned with 意为“为……担心”
2. on.我原计划今天下午要做一些工作。Plan on 意为“为谋事做准备”
3. with.记得写信给我,很高兴能与你保持联系。Keep in touch with意为“与……保持联系”Look back on/upon …回忆,回顾,此为固定搭配。
4.for. 他将所有的抽屉搜了又搜,寻找遗失的文件。Search…for意为“找寻”
5. in. 他们与这起犯罪活动有很深的瓜葛。Be involved in意为‘被卷入某事中,与某事有牵连’。

IV. Choose the one that best completes the sentence. (10 points)
1.  Some people don’t think that online articles are _____reports on facts.
      A. prevalent            B. available         C. dependent        D .reliable
2.  Whenever he has trouble in study, he always tries, _____, to get help from his teachers and    classmates.
      A. somehow           B. anyhow          C. no matter how   D. anyway
3.  I have all the information relevant_____ the negotiation.
      A. in                       B. to                   C. on                     D. for
4.  If you want to learn English well, don’t forget intensive reading and _____ reading.
     A. extended            B. extensive         C. wide                  D. external
5.  Many source of information can _____ our chances of getting in touch with the current event in      the world.
    A. expend               B. imagine             C. limit                  D. enhance


1. D. 有些人认为网上的文章并不全是对事实真相的可靠报道。Prevalent普通的,流行的 available 可用的,可获得的dependent依靠的,依赖的reliable可靠的,可信的。根据题意,D项最佳。
2. A。 每当他在学习上遇到麻烦,他都会想办法取得老师或同学们的帮助。Somehow表示“以某种方式,用某种方法”anyhow与anyway意思一致,都表示“无论如何,不管怎样”;no matter how 表示 “无论多么”,后接副词或形容词,不可单独使用,因此答案为A.
3. B。 我有关于这次谈判的所有资料。本题考查固定词组搭配,be relevant to 是固定词组,意为“与……有关”故答案选B.
4. B。如果你想学好英语,不要忘了“精读”与“泛读”extended表示 “ 伸展的,延续的”一般用来形容空间或时间上的变化;extensive表示“广泛的,广博的”;wide 表示“宽广的”,与narrow 一词相对,external意为“表面的,外部的”,从题干可看出,所选答案与intensive 相对。故答案为B.
5. D. 众多的信息可以增加我们接触当代世界时事的机会

V. Read the following passage and give the best answer to each question with the information you have got from the passage. (20 points)
Passage 1
      We often speak of an artist as creating something and of a craftsman as making something. The artist has the desire to create or achieve something original, while the craftsman’s aim is to produce something familiar and expected.
      We may say, then, that originality is what distinguished art form craft and is the measure of artistic greatness of importance. Unfortunately, originality is also very hard to define, the usual synonyms-----uniqueness, novelty, freshness-----do not help us very much, and the dictionaries tell us that an original work must not be a copy, reproduction, imitation, or translation. What they fail to point out is that originality is always relative: there is no such thing as a completely original work of art. Thus, if we want to rate works of art on an “originality scale”, our problem does not lie in deciding whether or not a given work is original, since the obvious copies and reproductions are for the most part easy enough to eliminate, but in establishing just exactly how original it is. To do so is not impossible. However, the difficulties involved in our task are so great that we cannot help for more then indefinite and incomplete answers.

1. We may conclude from reading the passage that a painting by an artist who has been influenced     by other artists _____.
    A. might best be called an example of craft, not of art
    B. must be considered an imitation, not an original work
    C. might still be considered an original work
    D. can not properly be rated on an “originality scale”
2. The author specifically mentions his dissatisfaction with the failure of dictionaries to_____.
    A.distinguish clearly between art and craft
    B.indicate that originality is a matter of degree
    C.recognize that a reproduction may be a true art
    D.mention that a work of art must be original
3. The author suggests that an “originality scale” should be used to_____
    A.distinguish an original work from a copy
    B.determine the artistic greatness of a work
    C.show that originality is always relative
    D.explain the difference between art and craft
4. According to the author, the aim of the artist and the aim of the craftsman are______.
    A. quite different from one another
    B. more or less practical in nature
    C. both basically artistic
    D. difficult to define
5. Which of the following statements would the author be least likely to make in talking about a     great painting?
   A.The painter is more than a good craftsman.
   B.The painting has considerable artistic significance.
   C.The painting has a strange, unusual quality.
   D.The painter owes nothing to other painters.

参考答案:1. C    2.B    3.C    4.A     5.D  
Passage 2
       My secret for staying young is simple: concentrate on the part of you that’s young and growing ---your brain. Keep your mind awake and you will stay young all over. These are exciting times. Take an interest in the world around you, and make a point of learning at least one new thing every day.
      Regardless of your age, it’s not too late to make your life more interesting. I know a housewife with no previous knowledge who made herself into an outstanding industrial designer. I know a retired electrical engineer who has become a highly paid ceramic (陶瓷的) artist.
      Get over the notion that you are ever too old to go back to school. I know a man entered medical college as 70. He got his degree with honors and became a famous physician. Another man went to school at 71 and is now an active lawyer.
       In spite of years, staying young is easy for those who live in the future. You can do it if you care enough to cry. Keep your mind awake and active; that’s the only youth elixir(万灵药) guaranteed to work.
6. The statement that your brain remains young and growing regardless of age is _____
     A. an impossibility     B. a scientific fact  C. a supposition  D. a ridiculous conclusion
7.  It is wrong to_____
     A. think oneself too old to go back to school
     B. keep one’s mind awake
     C. try to stay young
     D. get one’s degree with honors.
8. The selection states that a man who entered college at 70 became_____
    A. an active lawyer           B. an electric engineer
    C. a distinguished doctor  D. a highly paid ceramic artist
9. The only youth elixir is to _____-
    A. go back to school      B. disregard one’s age
    C. live in the future         D. keep one’s mind awake and active
10. to remain young the author suggests that every day we should _____
    A. put up with learning at least one new thing
    B. be skillful with learning at least one new thing
    C. give up learning at least one new thing
    D. lay stress on learning at least new thing

参考答案:6.B    7.A    8.C    9.D    10.D

Ⅵ. Short answer questions. (10 points)
Directions: in this part there is a short passage with five questions or incomplete statements. Read the passage carefully. Then answer the questions or complete the statement in the fewest possible words. (not exceeding 10 words)
If there is any single factor that makes for success in living, it is the ability to profit by defeat. Every success I know has been achieved because the person was able to analyze defeat and actually profit in his next work. Confuse defeat with failure, and you are doomed indeed to failure. For it isn’t defeat that makes you fail; it is your own refusal to see in defeat the guide and encouragement to success.
Defeats are nothing to be ashamed of. They are routine incidents in the life of every man who achieves success. But defeat is a dead loss unless you do face it without humiliation(屈辱), analyze it and learn why you failed. Defeat, in other words, can help to cure its own cause. Not only does defeat prepare us for success, but nothing can arouse within us such an urgent desire to succeed, if you let a baby grasp a rod and try to pull it away, he will hold more and more tightly until his whole weight is suspended. It is the same reaction which should give you new and greater strength every time you are defeated. If you exploit the power which defeat gives, you can accomplish with it far more you are capable of.
1. What would happen if you confuse defeat with failure?
2. What is the person who is able to analyze defeat likely to do?
3. Why are defeats nothing to be ashamed of?
4. Why is defeat valuable?
5. What does the author advise one to do with the power which defeat gives?


1. You are doomed indeed to failure.
2. He is likely to achieve success.
3. Because everyone successful will meet wit defeats
4. Because it provides the guide and encouragement to success.
5. One should turn it to practical account.

Ⅶ.Translate the following sentences into Chinese. (15 points)
1.No matter whether the internet is available in your company, you should try to email us before you    go home.
2.I am absolutely amazed at the quantity and varying levels of information quality on cable television.
3.Does the idea of searching for all the materials on websites appeal to you?
4.With the development of modern technology, a variety of media such as TV, radio, newspapers,    and the internet provide us with all the information we need.
5.Those clothes do nothing to enhance her appearance.


1. 无论你公司是否可以上网,你都要想办法下班之前发邮件给我。
2. 我对有线电视传播数量如此之多,层次如此之广的信息感到万分惊讶。
3. 在网站上搜索所有资料的主意你感兴趣吗?
4. 随着现代科技的发展,电视.收音机.报纸以及网络等众多媒体像我们提供了所有我们所需要的信息。
5. 她穿那些衣服也没显得很漂亮。

Ⅷ. Translate the following sentences into English. (15 points)


1. The police sifted useful evidence from witness information for the final judge.
2. Many foreign companies are competing with each other for trading with China.
3. For students who like to surf online, online education would increase their interest in study rather than affect it.
4. In the telephone booth, you can dial home directly after inserting a coin into the telephone.
5. Now that you have a bicycle to depend on, why do you still walk to school every day?
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