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Quiz for Unit 4

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I. Spell the following words with the help of their definitions and first letters given. (10points)
1. a_____ n. a particular side of a many-sided situation, idea, plan, etc.
2. h_____ v. to pause before taking an action or making a decision.
3. r_____ v. to praise as being good for a purpose; to provide information about (someone or                        sth. Good)

4. a_____adj. Correct or suitable for a particular time, situation, or purpose
5. c_____adj. producing or using new and effective ideas, results etc.

参考答案:1. aspect     2. hesitate   3. recommend    4. appropriate   5. creative

II. Complete the following sentences with words given below, change the form where necessary. (10 points)
            Investigate        resource        authority      participate      assign
1. We have _____Chris to the advertising campaign.
2. They have been acting illegally without the____from the council.
3. The police are _____the band robbery which happened the day before yesterday.
4. Half of the students n our class_____in the election.
5. We should make full use of the university_____in its libraries, museums, and scientific        collections to equip ourselves with knowledge.

参考答案:1. assigned    2. authority    3.investigating     4.participating    5. resources

III. Fill in the following blanks with correct adverbs or prepositions. (10 pointes)
1.He adjusted himself very quickly _____ the heat of ht country.
2.She had to browse _____ the books, because time is limited.
3.John would like to immerse himself _____ pop music in his spare time.
4.He applied _____ the committee _____ the scholarship.
5.Mrs. Smith was bored _____ the life as a housewife and decided to look for a job.


1. with。作为一名转学生,我能与同学们融洽相处。 Get along well with 与某人相处愉快
2. to.他努力调整自己以适应新的环境; adjust … to调整…以适应
3. about. 他向当地人了解购物时如何还价。Learn about 了解,熟悉
4.From. 在这家百货商店有各种牌子供大家选择。Choose from 从……范围中选择
5. at. 在语言学习的早期阶段,他们只是模仿他们所听到的。At the stage of 在…阶段。

IV. Choose the one that best complete the sentences.(10 points)
1._____some vegetables, mother also bought home a bunch of flowers from the market.
     A. Except         B. In addition to        C. In addition        D. Except for
2. It suddenly _____to her that she might adopt a homeless child.
     A. happened     B. occurred              C. took place        D. appeared
3. I am anxious about leaving Jimmy _____ in the house.
     A. alone            B. lonely                   C. lonesome         D. apart
4. I think it unnecessary to go back there, _____we have visited these places.
     A. so that          B. in order to            C. provided that   D. now that
5. The teacher required that all the assignments _____finished before this weekend.
     A. would be      B. were                    C. be                   D. are to


1.B. 妈妈在市场上买了一束花,还买了一些蔬菜。Except和except for 均表示“除去”,而本句表示的是“除……之外还有……”。In addition 使副词短语,其后不能直接接宾语,应排除,因此选B.
2.B. 她忽然想到她可以收养一个无家可归的小孩。此句中的occur不表示“发生”it suddenly occurs/occurred to sb. that…是一个固定句式,表示“某人忽然想到……”. Happen to 意为“发生于”
3.A. 让吉姆单独留在家里,我很担心。Alone单独的,独自的;lonely 孤独的,寂寞的; lonesome孤立的,荒凉的;apart分开的,分离的,分别的。Leave…alone是固定搭配,意为“让……独自带着,不打扰。”
4.D. 既然我们已经参观过那个地方,我认为没有必要再回那儿。So…that 如此……以至于;in order that 为了,以便;provided that倘若,如果; now that既然。根据两句之间的逻辑关系,正确的答案选D.
5.C. 老师要求所有的任务必须在周末之前完成。此题要求填从句谓语动词的时态,主句动词是require,该动词后的宾语从句中的谓语应该用虚拟语句,虚拟语句的形式为(should)+动词原形。因此选C.

V. Read the following passage and give the best answer to each question with the information you have got from the passage. (20 points)
Passage 1
        A ride in a cable-car is one of the most exciting and enjoying experiences as child can have in Switzerland, which is the home of the cable-car. It is used mostly to take tourists up the slope of a mountain, to a restaurant from which one can have a bird-eye view of the surrounding slope on skis. In Singapore, however, the cable-car takes one from the summit of a hill on the main island too low hill on Sentosa, a resort just off the southern coast.
        The cable-car is really a carriage which hangs from a strong steel cable suspended in the air. It moves along the cable with other cars on pulleys, the wheels of which are turned by strong electric motors. The cars are painted in eye-catching colors and spaced at regular intervals. Each car can seat up to six persons. After the passengers have entered car, they are looked in from outside by and attendant. They have mo control over the movement of the car.
        Before long, the passengers get a breath-taking view through the glass windows of the modern city, the bustling harbor, and the several islands off the coast. The car is suspended so high in the air that ships on the sea below look like toys. On a clear day, both the sky above and the sea below look beautifully blue.
        In contrast to the fast-moving traffic on the ground, the car in the air move in a leisurely manner, allowing passengers more than enough time to take in the scenery during the brief trip to the island of Sentosa. After a few hours in Sentosa, it will be time again to take a cable-car back to Mount Faber. The return journey is no less exciting than the outward trip.
1.The cable-car in Singapore_____.
      A.takes visitors up to a mountain restaurant
      B.takes skies to the top of a ski-run
      C.takes visitors to Sentosa
      D.takes visitors to a high mountain
2.Which of the following about the cable-car is TRUE?
      A.the cars move along the steel cable
      B.the cars are operated by a driver
      C.the cars are controlled by the passengers
      D.the cars move on wheels
3.passengers can get a breath-taking view when riding in a cable-car because_____
      A.the car is painted in eye-catching colors
      B.the car is suspended so high in the sky
      C.each car can seat up to six persons
      D.both the sky and the sea look beautiful blue
4.The short trip does not bother passengers who want a good view because _____
      A.the cars move slowly]
      B.the cars move quickly
      C.the cars are suspended very high
      D.the cars have glass windows
5.The last sentence of the passage, “ the return journey is no less exciting than the outward trip”, means_____
     A.the return trip is less boring than the outward one
     B.the return trip is more enjoyable than the outward one
     C.the return trip is as thrilling as the outward one
     D.both the outward and the return trips are uninteresting
参考答案:1. C    2. A    3.B     4.A    5.C  

Passage 2
       Soccer is played by millions of people over the world, but there have only been few players who were truly great. How did these players get the way---was it through training and practice, or are great players “born, or made” ?First these players came from places that have had famous stars in the past----players that a young boy can look up to and imitate. In the history of soccer, only six countries have ever won the World Cup----three from South America and three from Western Europe. There has never been a great----or a really player----from North America or from Asia. Second, these players have all had years of practice in the game. Algredo Di Stefano was the son of a soccer player, as was Pele.
       Most players begin playing the game at the age of there or four.
Finally, many great players come from the same kind of neighborhood----a poor crowded area where a boy’s dream is not to be a doctor, lawyer, or businessman, but to become a rich, famous athlete. For example, Liverpool, which produced the Beetles, had one of the best English soccer teams in recent years. Pele practiced in the street with a “ball” made of rags. And George Best learned the tricks that made him famous by bouncing the ball of a wall in the slums of Belfast.
        All great players have a lot in common, but that doesn’t explain why they are great. Hundreds of boys played in those Brazilian streets, but only one became Pele. The greatest players are born with some unique quality that sets them apart from all the others.
6.According to the author, which of the following statements is TRUE?
       A. Soccer is popular all over the world, but truly great players are rare.
       B. Millions of people all over the world are playing soccer, but only six countries have ever had             famous stars.
       C. Soccer is played by millions of people all over the world, but only six countries from South            America and Western Europe have ever had great national teams.
       D. Soccer is one of the most popular games all over the world, but it seems the least popular in            North America and Asia.
7.The word “tricks” at the end of Para. 2 is closest in meaning to_____
       A. experience    B. cheating      C. skills           D. training
8.The Brazilian streets are mentioned to illustrate that______
       A. famous soccer players live in slum areas
       B. people in poor areas are born with some unique quality
       C. children in poor areas start playing football all the age of three of four
       D. a great soccer player may be born in a slum area
9.In the last paragraph the statement “but only one because Pele” indicates that _____
       A. Pele is the greatest soccer player
       B. the greatest players are born with some unique quality
       C. Pele’s birthplaces sets him apart from all the others
       D. the success of a soccer player has everything to do with the family background
10.The author mentions all the factors that may affect a soccer player’s success EXCEPT____
      A. his family background
      B. his neighborhood
      C. his practice
      D. his character

参考答案: 6.A    7.C    8.D    9.B    10.D

Ⅵ Short answer questions.(10 points)
Direction: In this part there is a short passage with five questions or incomplete statements. Read these passages carefully. Then answer the questions or complete the statements in the fewest words (not exceeding 10 words)
        Some people are born with the belief that they are masters of their lives. Others feel they are at the mercy of fate. New research shows that part of the feelings are in the genes. Psychologists have long know that people confident in their ability to control their destinies are likely to adjust well to growing old than those who feel that they drift on the currents of fate. Two researchers who questioned hundreds of Swedish twins report that such confidence, or lack of it, is part genetic and partly draw from experience. They also found that the belief in bland luck—a conviction that coincidence plays a big role in life—is something leaned in life and has nothing to do with heredity.
        The research was conducted at the Karolinska Institution(better known as the body that annually awards the Noble Prize for medicine) by Nancy Pedersen of the Institution and Margaret Gatz, a professor of psychology, and was published in the United States in the Journal of Gerontology. People who are confident of their ability to control their lives have an “internal locus of control,” and have a better chance of being well adjusted in their old age, said Pedersen. An “external locus of control”, believing that outside forces determine the course of life, has been linked to depression in later years, she said. “We are trying to understand what makes people different. What makes some people age graceful and others have a more difficult time?” she said.
         The study shows that while people showed that while people have a inborn predilection(爱好,偏袒)towards dependence and self-confidence, about 70%of this personality trait is affected by a person’s environment and lifetime experience. Pedersen’s studies, with various collaborators, probe the aging process by comparing sets of twins, both identical and fraternal, many of whom were separated at early age. The subjects were draw from a roster first compiled about 30 years ago registering all twins born in Sweden since 1886. The complete list, which was extended in 1971, has 95000 sets of twins.

Q1. Compared with other people, people confident in their ability are likely to

Q2. What do people who lack of their confidence think of their future?
Q3. In addition to gene, other reasons resulting in people’s lack of confidence include
Q4. According to researchers, what is still unknown?
Q5. What does the word “fraternal” mean?


1. Adjust well to growing old
2. Outside forces determine the course of life.
3. A person’s environment and lifetime experiences.
4. What makes people different?
5. Different.

Ⅶ. Translate the following sentences into Chinese. (15 points)
1.As a teacher you have to adjust your methods to suiting the needs of slower student.
2.Profits have declined as a result of the recent drop of in dales.
3.Because of the economic crisis, the supplies are running low.
4.In conclusion, I should give my wishes to my dear parents.
5.Julie is one of those women who always keep up with the latest fashion.


1. 作为一名老师,你得调节教学方法以适应成绩差的学生的需求。
2. 销售量的下降导致了利润的减少。
3. 由于经济危机,供给正在减少。
4. 最后,我要把衷心的祝福献给我的父母。
5. 茱莉是那些追赶最新时尚的妇女中的一员。

Ⅷ. Translate the following sentences into English. (15 points)
2.直到45 岁, 他才找到自己满意的工作.
3.如果你愿意乘坐晚上的航班, 你就可以买到一张便宜得多的机票.
4.在出国之前, 你应该尽可能多地了解你要去的国家的生活和工作情况.
5.我们都认为怀特教授完全有资格从事这份工作, 但结果他却无法胜任.


1. He had great trouble recognizing his son on the photo.
2. It was not until he was 45 that he found a satisfying job.
3. If you are willing to fly at night, you can get a much cheaper ticket.
4. Before you go abroad, it is appropriate for you to learn as much as possible about the life and     work of the target country.
5. We all think professor White is qualified for this job, but it turns out he can not do it properly.
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