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Quiz for Unit 3

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I. Spell the following words with the help of their definitions and first letters given. (10 points)

1、a_____ v. to change so as to match or fit; cause to correspond

2、l_____ n. written works which are of artistic value; such works as subject for study

3、h_____ v. to pick up, touch, or feel with the hands; to deal with; control

4、d_____n. a book or list of names, facts etc., usu. Arranged in alphabetical order

5、s_____ n. pressure caused by the problems of living, too much work, etc

参考答案:1. adjust       2. literature      3. handle      4. directory      5. stress

II. Complete the following sentences with the words given below, change the form where necessary. (10 points)
          vary         relieve           maintain          thrive         ignore

1、It will take a long time to _____this old house.

2、The weather _____ from day to day.

3、I tried t tell her but she _____me.

4、The drug given by the doctor _____his headache.

5、The grass _____ in my garden.

参考答案:1. maintain    2.varies     3. ignored       4. relieved     5. thrives

III. Fill in the following blanks with correct adverbs or prepositions. (10 pointes)

1、He adjusted himself very quickly _____ the heat of ht country.

2、She had to browse _____ the books, because time is limited.

3、John would like to immerse himself _____ pop music in his spare time.

4、He applied _____ the committee _____ the scholarship.

5、Mrs. Smith was bored _____ the life as a housewife and decided to look for a job.


1. to. 他自己很快适应了这个国家炎热的气候。adjust to vt.调节;调整;使适应。
2. through.她只能把书浏览一下,因为没时间了。Browse through浏览
3. in. 约翰喜欢在空闲时间把自己沉浸在流行音乐中。Immerse oneself in是沉浸于。
4.to…for .他向委员会申请奖学金。Apply to sb. (organization) for something向某人或组织申请…
5. with. 史密斯太太厌倦了做家庭主妇的生活,因此决定出去找工作。Be bored with sth.对.....感到厌倦。

IV. Choose the one that best completes the sentence. (10 points)
1.What _____ you from joining us last night?
      A.avoided       B. prohibited     C. turned     D. prevented
2.Don’t take everything in the book for _____.
      A.granted       B. granting         C. grant       D. grant
3.Indeed, there are many _____ advantaged to a five-day week.
      A.obviate       B. obviously       C. obverse  D. obvious
4.I asked the bank for a _____.
      A.loaf            B. load               C. loan        D. loam
5.The organization performed an important _____ in protecting the rights of children.
      A.function     B. fiction            C. fraction    D. friction


1. D. 昨天是什么使你晚上不能来参加我们的活动。Prevent 阻止,防止,常用搭配为prevent sb. from doing sth.; prohibit禁止turn转变,改变;avoid避免。从上下文看,这里应该是“阻止某人干…”所以答案为prevented.
2.A. 不要想当然的以为书上得得东西都是对的 take something for granted. 想当然的认为是正确,是固定搭配。
3. D. 的确。实行五天工作制有许多明显的优点。Obviate vt.消除,排除,回避;obviously adv.明显地;observe adj.正面的; obvious adj.明显的。此题应选一个形容词。
4. C. 我向银行贷了款。Loaf 一条面包,块;load负荷,重担;loan贷款loam (含有黏土、沙以及有机物质的)肥土。本题考近形词。
5. A.这个组织在保护儿童权益方面起了很大作用。该题考近形词。Function n.功能,作用; fiction虚构,小说;fraction小部分,片段,分数;fraction 摩擦,摩擦力;通过上下文可以看出正确答案是A。

V. Read the following passages and give the best answer to each question with the information you have got from the passage. (20 points)
Passage 1
         Beauty has always been regarded as something praiseworthy. Almost everyone thinks attractive people are happier and healthier, have better marriages and have more respectable occupations. Personal consultants give them better advice for finding job. Even judges are softer on attractive defendants. But in executive circle, beauty can become a liability.
         While attractiveness is a positive factor for a man on his way up the executive ladder, it is harmful to a woman.
         Handsome male executives were perceived as having more integrity than plainer men; effort and ability ere thought to account for their success.
         Attractive female executives were considered to have less integrity than unattractive ones; their success was attributed not to ability but to factors such as luck.
         All unattractive women executives were thought to have more integrity and to be more capable than the attractive female executives. Interestingly, though, the rise of the unattractive overnight successes was attributed more to personal relationships and less to ability than was that of attractive overnight successes.
        Why are attractive women not thought to be able? An attractive woman is perceived to be more feminine and an attractive man more masculine than the less attractive ones. Thus, an attractive woman has an advantage in traditional female job, but an attractive woman in a traditional masculine position appears to lack the “masculine” qualities required.
         This is true even in politics. “When the only clue is how he or she looks, people treat men and women differently.” says Anne Bowman, who recently published a study on the effects of attractiveness on political candidates. She asked 125 undergraduate students to rank two groups of photographs, one of men and one of women, in order of attractiveness. The students were told the photographs were of candidates for political office. They were asked to rank them again, in the order they would vote for them.
          The results showed that attractive males utterly defeated unattractively men, but the women who had been ranked most attractive invariable received the fewest votes.
1.The word “ liability” (last word of Para. 1) most probably means “_____”
       A.fortune B. stability C. disadvantage D. praise
2.In traditional female jobs, attractiveness _____.
       A.reinforces the feminine qualities required
       B.makes women look more honest an capable
       C.is of primary importance to women
       D.often enables women to succeed quickly
3.Bowman’s experiment reveals that when it comes to politics, attractiveness______.
       A.turns out to be an obstacle to men
       B.affects men and women alike
       C.has as little effect on men as on women
       D.is more of an obstacle than a benefit to women
4.It can be inferred from the passage that people’s views on beauty are often_____.
      A.practical      B. prejudiced       C. old-fashioned       D. radical
5.What kind of life do people think the attractive people usually lead?
      A.It is more difficult than common people.
      B.It is more successful than common people.
      C.It is not mentioned.
      D.It is as good as other people’s life.
参考答案:1. C    2. A    3.D    4. B    5. B  

Passage 2
        The home computers industry has been growing rapidly in the United States for the last ten years. Computers used to be large, expensive machines that were very difficult to use. But scientists and technicians have been making them smaller and cheaper while at the same time they have been made easier to use. As a result, their popularity has been increasing as more people have been buying computers for their homes and businesses. Computers have been designed to store information and compute complex problems. Some have voices that speak with the operators. Stores use computers to keep records of their inventories(存货清单) and to send bills to their customers. Offices use computers to type letters, record business and communicate with other offices. People have been using computers in their homes to keep track of expenses and turn appliances on an off.
        One important new use for computers is for entertainment. Many new games have been designed to be played on the computers. People of all ages have been playing these games. They have been buying home computers to play computer games at home. They have become very popular indeed.
6.Computers in the United States used to be_____.
     A.too small to use B. nice C. heavy D. large and expensive
7.Computers have been getting more popular_____.
     A. because the Americans want to appear rich
     B. because they are smaller, cheaper and easier to use
     C. because they can help Americans do everything
     D. because they can type letters
8. According to the passage computers can be used to do the following EXCEPT_____.
     A. to turn machines on and off       B. to work out complex problems
     C. to produce machines                D. to keep track of expenses
9. _____have been playing computer games.
     A. Children B. Young people C. Old people D. People of all ages
10. It may be concluded that _____.
     A. computers have been widely used by Americans
     B. computers can’t solve complex problems
     C. computers are domestic robots.
     D. computers are new machines

参考答案:6.D    7. B    8.C     9.D    10.A

VI. Short answer questions. (10 points)
Directions: In this part there is a short passage with five questions or incomplete statements. Read the passage carefully. Then answer the questions or complete the statements in the fewest possible words (not exceeding 10 words).
       A rich American went to Paris the capital of France, and brought a picture painted by a French artist. The American thought the picture to be very fine because he paid a lot of money for it. When he came to his hotel and wanted to hang the picture on the wall, he looked at it for a long time, but he could not tell which was the top and which was the bottom. The American turned the picture this way and that, but till couldn’t decide. So he thought of a plan. He hung the picture in the dining-room and invited the painter of the picture to dinner. When the painter came, the American said nothing to him about the picture. They went straight to the dining-room. When the painter began to eat his soup, he looked at the picture several times. When he began to eat his fish, he put on his glasses and looked at the picture again, and before he began to eat his fruit, he got up and walked over to the picture to look at it closely. At last, when they began to drink their coffee, he understood that the picture was upside down.
       “Why, my friend,” said the painter “is my picture upside down?” “Indeed, what did it take you so long to find that out?” said the American, “You painted it, didn’t you?”
Q1. Who painted the picture the American bought?
Q2. What did the American do before he wanted to hang up the picture?
Q3. Where did the American hang the picture?
Q4. Whom did the American invite to dinner?
Q5. Who found out that the picture was upside down?


1. A French artist.
2. He looked at it for a long time.
3. In the dining-room.
4. The painter of the picture.
5. The painter of the picture.

VII. Translate the following sentences into Chinese. (15 points)

1、Parties, drinking, eating---- oh, and working---- all help pass the time, but deep down there’s something you’re really eager to find, but you can’t quite put your finger on.

2、Without a well-balanced life a person can neither function properly nor develop into a well-rounded individual.

3、With your Freshers’ Fair ticket, you can get your hands on a brand-new edition of the comprehensive guide to all things at Oxford.

4、Others prefer to take a more eclectic approach, being members of several societies and taking part in whichever of their events seem interesting.

5、Along with reading to relax, listening to music is very important to me.


1. 聚会、喝酒、吃饭—哦,还有工作—都可以帮助人们消磨时光,但你内心深处确有一些很想追求的东西,但那东西是什么,你却很难说清楚。
2. 如果一个人在生活中心态失衡,他既不能很好工作,他的身心也不会得到全面的发展。
3. 拿着新生集会的入场券,你就可以得到一份崭新的关于牛津大学方方面面的综合指南。
4. 其余的人更愿意选择灵活的方式,同时参加几个团体,然后看哪个社团举办的活动是他们感兴趣的,就去参加哪个社团的活动。
5. 除了读书放松外,听音乐对我来说也非常重要。

VIII. Translate the following sentences into English. (15 points)







1. All these papers relate to the subject.
2. The two brothers maintained good relations.
3. They are seeking the most reasonable diet which will do good to their health.
4. Please check out at the reception desk.
5. We would try to avoid the downside of the issue
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